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denka facilitates your entire product development process, from idea & problem identification through to prototypes and production.
we focus on bringing our clients’ ideas to life.

What we do


Denka designs product for multiple industries. If new and unknown, we familiarise ourselves with that particular industry. Taking into account applicable standards, product inclusions and requirements. Leading us to design and develop successfull products ready for market.

Conceptual Design Discovery

We sketch, try out, sketch, test, sketch, mock up and sketch some more. Laying a solid conceptual foundation for the product development going forward.

Detailed Design

Every nut and bolt, rib and release angle, threads, gussets and what not is designed in detail. Every milimeter is accounted for, slaying all the devils that lurk in the detail, ensuring optimal product specifications, manufacture-ability and all round amazingness of your product.


Development dependant, we go through various stages of product prototyping both during the conceptual design discovery and the detailed design phases. Denka's final prototypes are always 100% functional and testable.

Electronic Design development

With in-house electronic engineering, our developments that require electronics are done optimally with seamless intergration between design aesthetic and elecronic funtcionality.


Tool design for optimal manufacturing, polymer flow and manufacturer liason. Optimising your production run.


With a large, international, network of toolmakers, Denka facilitates the manufacture of Injection moulds, Rotational moulds, Extrusion dies, Forming tools and Soft moulds.


Product dependant and market related packaging designed to suit. Ranging from industrial to retail, Denka designs your packaging to then be produced by the relevant and suitable packaging plant.


Denka facilitates the management of your production runs; including assembly, quality control, packaging and final delivery.

We turn your ideas into reality

Denka design consultancy was founded in 2008 by Alewyn Botha. Since it’s inception Denka has shown immaculate growth year on year and since 2011, expanded to Johannesburg. With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Denka has increased its footprint in service and delivery. Denka has been involved in multiple product designs and developments, of which various won prestigious awards.

These include SABS design awards, Product exhibition awards and various Loerie Awards through clients’ projects. Denka is networked with a large variety of suppliers, developers and manufacturers, always ensuring our clients a high quality product. We have multiple references from our satisfied client base, which can be seen in our portfolio, and we strive for innovative solutions, achieved cost effectively and in time. The Team Denka design consultancy comprises of an award winning team of Industrial and Graphic Designers. Our main focus is product design orientated, bringing our clients’ ideas to life. You can get to know the team better on our team page. The Process Denka facilitates your entire product development process, from idea and problem identification through to prototypes and production. You can have a detailed look at our process in our Inventor’s Tool kit. Industries we’ve designed for These include: medical, sport, cosmetic, food & beverage, pet industry, outdoor, interactive education, precision engineering, retail and point of sale, security, corporate social investment projects, activation marketing, toy industry, baby products, furniture, agriculture and various product research methodologies. Don’t hesitate to connect with us to turn your idea into reality.


Some of Our Clients:

  • There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

    Milton Glaser - CEO at MG Inc

What our Clients Say

Inventor's Toolkit

Do you have an idea – but don’t know how to develop it?
Try using our Inventor’s Toolkit below:

Connect with us

    Denka Johannesburg

    +27 (0) 11 054 9228
    Alewyn Botha
    083 947 2457

    Denka Cape Town

    +27 (0) 21 825 0794
    Project Manager
    Nick Kulenkampff
    083 474 6889